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Interactive Play Books | Pre-vocational Jigs | Structured Academic Tasks

Interactive Learning Materials are hands on, interactive materials that bring academics to life for learners with ASD or other developmental delays. Interactive Learning Materials are available in Reading, Science, Social Studies and Personal Health. These easy to use boards are designed to teach both young children and adolescents with ASD critical skills across the academic domains. Each board purchased contains two instructional levels. Level 1 includes color coded prompts to assist the learner in identifying the correct concept or vocabulary word. Level 2 includes instruction without color prompts, which requires the learner to actively understand and use the information learned and to discriminate between words and concepts presented. Both are included with each Interactive Learning Materials board purchased. A selection of Interactive Learning Materials have also been translated into Spanish so we can better accommodate all of our ASD learners. If you need another topic or boards translated into Spanish, please Contact Us and we’d be happy to do that for you. (download Interactive Reading Materials order form)

Student building using Interactive Play Books.

Our Interactive Play Books for children with ASD combine the best of ABA and TEACCH into a powerful teaching tool to help the student with autism or other developmental disabilities develop age appropriate toy play/leisure skills and cooperative play skills. The student is taught to build each discrete step in an activity using a consistent instruction (e.g., “Match Red”), paired with a visual cue of the specific block/piece the student needs, to correctly build each page in the book. The systematic teaching sequence results in a finished toy structure that can then be used to facilitate scripted play and/or imaginative cooperative play with peers.

The student is taught to build each structure using errorless teaching techniques and prompt fading strategies. Once the student has learned how to build the structure independently, we highly recommend that the parent/teacher re-teach the student to complete the activity with peers to add the social cognition/social reciprocity to ensure the skill will generalize to the natural setting. Being able to complete the skill with peers is the hallmark of true generalization and the ultimate goal when using our Interactive Play Books.

What is a "Jig"?
A jig is a visual task analysis of a multi-step task, typically academic and/or vocational in nature (McClannahan & Krantz, 1999, 2009). The jig embeds visual instructions so the student can complete the skill independently after recieving direct instruction. A jig effectively blends the use of task analysis emobdied by ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) with the structured teaching methodology of Division TEACCH (Treatment and Education of Autistic and Communication related handicapped CHildren). The goal of using functional academic/vocational jigs is to prepare the student to complete similar types of skills in the larger community setting (e.g., sheltered workshop, supported employment, competivite employment, group home, supported living, and independent living situations).

Navigating Behavior Solutions offers a number of functional academic and vocational jigs that help students with ASD and other developmental disabilities acquire and generalize skills in the following areas: money, math, assembly, packaging, office preperation, restaurant, and janitorial skills. Each jig comes with a 2 page instruction sheet which details how to craft each jig purchased, goals assocaited with each jig, how to get started using the jig in the classroom/post-secondary setting and extension ideas to build cooperative work skills.

Items for Sale:
Interactive Play Books | Pre-vocational Jigs | Structured Academic Tasks



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